Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review

Match Made in Court by Janice Kay Johnson.

Part of the “Suddenly a Parent” mini-series

March 2010

Super Romance 1620

Linnea Sorenson always played second fiddle to her brother Finn, but when he is accused of killing his wife Tess, she takes his 6 year old daughter into her home. Nothing about this is easy, she is often at odds with her parents and brother.

She is challenged for custody from Tess’s brother Matt and when they are awarded joint custody the sparks start to fly. Her family hates him, and he is none to fond of the them either. Even with all of this animosity, he starts to care deeply for Linnea. Will she return his feelings?

This is a great story about what makes a family and what we would do for those we love.

Janice Kay Johnson is a great author, I love the pacing of her stories and she comes up with some great plots. Super Romance is my favorite Harlequin imprint. I love the stories of love and family; they are just as good, if not better than most single title romances.

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