Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Notes

Attempting to blog again. I am not sure if I will keep up with this but while I am in the frame of mind to do so I might as well do a post about books.
This year I am going to attempt to whittle down my TBR pile. I have so many books I need to sort through to see if I really want to read them or if I just thought I would get to them when we closed our bookstore. I
*May* have started hoarding books a little bit because having spent everyday for 6 years surrounded by books I was trying to recreate the experience in my own home. LOL. I probably need some kind of book related therapy.
Still, I am sure the Friends of the Library store loves me and all the books I keep dropping off for them! 
I won a bunch of books during the Harlequin Holiday Open House. These I will keep after reading because all but one of them are signed by the author.
I will be reviewing all of these on Goodreads once they are finished

I have set my Goodreads Challenge at 50 books for 2014. I barely got to 50 last year so I am hesitant to up my challenge. I have made a good start to this year and hope to keep it up all year. 
I am still doing all my ebook reading on the Sony 600. I attempted to buy a Kobo tablet during their black Friday sale but their website had other ideas. I don't want to go into full details but let's just say that Kobo needs to do some improvements with their payment system. I am very disappointed with Kobo because I was trying to support a smaller E retailer but all I was left with was a bad taste in my mouth. I still use them to get books because they have great coupon deals and because my Sony uses epub and pdf. Oh well. I suppose I should just go with the big guys from now on. I am just torn now between Amazon (ick) and Barnes and Noble (Will they be in business 5 years from now?) 

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