Thursday, February 5, 2009

My life in Romance.

When I was a teenager I read a lot of romance books. Teenage romance, Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz....
My favorites were the Bantam Sweet Dreams books, probably because I understood them. I might have liked Judith Krantz for her racy scenes, but what did I know about the adult world these books took place in? The Sweet Dreams books were quick reads, I could read at least one a day depending on my mood. I have to admit that after leaving high school I pretty much gave up on romance books. I suppose books for college got in the way, or maybe I spent too much time reading books that would impress the boys in my life.
Sometime around my late 20s I started reading chick lit, but it wasn't until three years ago that I got back into the romance genre. Taking over a used bookstore will open your eyes to all kinds of books you would have overlooked in any other venue.
I started picking up the paranormal romances first. I went through quite the vampire and werewolf phase in my early twenties so these just seemed a natural progression. I will admit that at first I wouldn't crack open a Harlequin or Silhouette. The titles amused me, but I just couldn't bring myself to read one.
I started reading a lot of romance blogs, just to familiarize myself with the genre. I read many reviews and suggestions and in the name of research I started to read a little bit of everything. Even a Harlequin or two. Ok, so I was right and wrong. Yes, some of the titles are silly. But No, they are not the tomes full of bad writing that I thought they might be.
I am proud to say that I am a romance reader. I read a lot of other genres but whenever I need a fix of "happily ever after" I reach for a Super Romance or a Blaze.

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